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— Story Behind CRM Binder

Founder and CEO Tracy Barnes, has 30+ years of experience in programming development and over 10 years working on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems. Many CRM Systems are built to target seasoned sales professionals. We understand that newer sales professionals may not have the background of a seasoned sales professional and we offer a management system that’s easy to use but powerful enough for all levels of sales professionals to succeed. Our system can also handle complex hierarchy structures where a team of Sales Professionals can share and collaborate on shared accounts and leads.

Over the years, Tracy Barnes has developed relationships with sales professionals across the nation and received valuable feedback that has helped shape CRM Binder. He understands that sales professionals work on commissions and time spent on administrative duties are important but can take valuable time away from actual sales activities. Time management is crucial for sales professionals who live off commissions and our system has the tools to keep them out of the office and out in the field more where sales are made. CRM Binder will help keep Sales Professionals stay organized and provide the necessary tools to increase sales and commissions.

— Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide a simple, affordable and robust CRM System to sales professionals and teams of sales professionals seeking an easy way to manage their day-to-day business for tracking existing and potential client relationships, activities and sales. CRM Binder is designed with flexibility so that each sales professional can customize and track their own sales activity however they see fit. Customizing your accounts and leads status and types is easy and one of many customization options available for you.