Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is CRM and why do I need it?
CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system that helps manage your existing accounts and contacts as well as perspective new clients (Leads).

But CRM is also a lot more, CRM Binder is a cloud based system that allows you to manage your accounts, leads, contacts, appointments, track sales opportunities, drip emails, mileage.

Some may think that CRM systems are just for sales people, but that is not true, there are many businesses that can leverage a CRM system to management their existing accounts. CRM provides you 24/7 access to your information no matter where you are, on the road or in the office. CRM Binder provides a free mobile app so that you can stay in touch with your data and update the data immediately while in the field.
Are there limitations to the 30 day free trial?
The free trial is essentially the Starter Plan with a limit of 5 users.
How do I pay for CRM Binder?
CRM Binder is a monthly subscription; fees are based monthly per user. CRM Binder accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Does CRM Binder offer refunds?
No, CRM Binders offer a 30 day free trial to experience the system. Once the subscription is active, no refunds are made, no exceptions. However, CRM Binder is a month to month subscription and can be canceled at any time.
What happens to my data if I cancel or fail to pay?
If you cancel your account, your account will stay active until the end of the current subscription period. Once the account expires, you data will exists for 60 days in which at any time you can restart your subscription. If you account becomes deliquent due to payment, your account essentially falls into the cancel state and you have 60 days to pay for services. If you do not pay within 60 days, your account and data will be deleted permanently.
How do I determine which plan is right for me?
The difference in plans are mostly about increasing the amount of accounts, leads and file storage. Most customers start with the Starter Plan, unless you are interested in Drip Emails, because you can always upgrade your plan at any time. Drip Emails require a minimum of the Professional Plan or higher.
What training and support does CRM Binder offer?
CRM Binder offers free ticket support and several demo videos to help get started.
Can I share an Account or Lead with another user?
Yes, You can only share accounts and leads with other users under the same account with CRM Binder.
What are Drip Emails?
Drip Emails allows you to schedule an automatic email to your contacts on accounts; scheduling can be done monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.
Does CRM Binder offer the ability to have teams?
Yes, CRM Binder offers the ability to create a hierarchy of your team with Managers.
What limitations does the mobile app have?
Currently, the mobile app does not handle Drip Emails.
How safe is my personal & customer information?
CRM Binder is highly secured and does not share any information with anyone outside of CRM Binder. You can review our Privacy Policy for more detailed information.