CRM Binder - Features


When a customer first gets started with CRM Binder, the first order of business is to customize how things are to be in CRM Binder. CRM Binder has settings for Manager Roles, Account Statuses, Lead Statuses, Opportunity Statuses, Calendar color meanings, etc.

For example, Lead Statuses: by default all new Leads have a status of New; from there you may want statuses such as Qualified, Engaged, Dead. Each customer may decide they want something completely different, this is why CRM Binder allows each customer to customize their own settings.

CRM Binder

Account/Lead Management

CRM Binder allows you to create accounts and leads either by entering them manually or import them from a CSV file. Once you have an account or lead created, you have features such as: Events, Documents, Reminders, Opportunities, Notes and Activities.

CRM Binder Account/Lead Management

Opportunities and Products

Opportunities are the key to your pipeline; they are used to track sales that you are currently pursuing. CRM Binder allows you to enter your products so they can be used on the opportunities. Opportunities are kinda like a quote that you track through the sales process; it feeds your pipleline so that you know what sales you expect to close. Opportunities allows you to enter your commission for the sales in order for the pipleline to indicate your income in the weeks/months to come.

CRM Binder Opportunities

Drip Emails

The concept is to schedule an email that automatically goes out to your account; for example: let's say a photographer is hired for a wedding photo shoot, then the photographer might schedule a drip email every year just before their anniversary to see if the account is interested in a photo shoot for their upcoming anniversary. The photographer can schedule the email in CRM Binder and not have to handle it manually each time.

CRM Binder


CRM Binder allows users to share Accounts and Leads with anyone inside their organization. Users can give Read or Full access to their leads and accounts. Full access only gives the user ability to add their own notes, activity, events, opportunities, etc; it does not give them the right to delete anything of yours.

CRM Binder Sharing

Calendar Integration

CRM Binder provides three forms of calendar integration: 1) Google Calendar Integration, 2) Calendar Integration and 3) Subscribe Calendar. If you do not use Google Calendar or (Office 365) Calendar, a fallback option is Calendar Subscribe. All devices are capable of subscribing to calendars, however the reresh rate are very differenct depenging on the platform; for example Apple products will refresh the calendar every 15 minutes, but Google refreshes every 24 hours.

CRM Binder Calendar


Your Desktop provides you with a snapshot of everything going on in your activity at a glance. It provides you with the latest five accounts and leads you have touched, any open reminders, upcoming appointments, etc. It also allows you to quickly add an event or a note to one of those latest accounts or leads.

CRM Binder Desktop

Accounts and Leads File Storage

CRM Binder allows you to upload documents and store them directly with the account or lead.

CRM Binder Account/Lead File Storage


Documents is a cloud storage that allows you to create folders and sub-folders, then you can upload files into these folders and have access to all your files through the CRM Binder mobile app.

CRM Binder Documents

Mileage Tracker

CRM Binder provides a simple Mileage Tracker to keep track of all your mileage so that at the end of the year, you can simply print or export to excel all the mileage for your records.

CRM Binder Mileage Tracker

Interactive Reports

CRM Binder provides an abundance of reports that are all interactive. What does that mean, it means that you can filter, sort, arrange columns and the export to Excel. Any report that you filter will only export the records that are filters; it allows you to do more of your work on CRM Binder and less in Excel.

CRM Binder Interactive Reports